Employee surveys and people analytics to help your company thrive

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Imagine a people analytics platform that allows you to truly listen to your employees, discover the immediate insights you need, and empower your organization to thrive.


With Perceptyx employee surveys, deploy the right listening strategy to gain the business intelligence you need.


Leverage our powerful people analytics platform to gain vital insights and make informed decisions.


 Help your people thrive with simple and effective action planning tools and recommendations for success.


Your employees have a story to tell. Are you listening?

Deploy beautifully designed, engaging employee surveys for your business.  Whether you need census, onboarding, exit, lifecycle, pulse, or always on surveys, we'll help you create a tailor-made survey program so that you get the right data at the right time. Then we'll enable you to contextualize that survey feedback with your HRIS data and performance metrics, allowing you to truly listen to what's going on in your organization.

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Gain actionable insights from one of the most powerful people analytics platforms in the industry.

Discover real-time insights from an in-depth, interactive reporting platform that will revolutionize the way you think about data.

With our people analytics platform, you will have access to instantaneous drill-down and segmentation capabilities, allowing you to quickly help your leaders make informed decisions and improve your business.

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Take action easily and effectively.

One of the biggest challenges that HR leaders face today is helping organizations take action, especially when it comes to employee surveys.

With Perceptyx, you will be able to provide every leader in your organization with an interactive dashboard of their results, a PowerPoint presentation that provides unique insight for their business, a leaders guide enabling them to present results to their teams, and a simple action planning tool with built-in recommendations on what they should work on to make improvements. 

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Our tools are helping companies thrive across the globe.


Why you should choose Perceptyx

Learn how Perceptyx is revolutionizing the employee survey and people analytics industry

We are trusted by the Fortune 500

With dozens of Fortune 500 clients, Perceptyx is quickly becoming the most trusted name for enterprise-level employee surveys and people analytics.

Our team is your team

Employee surveys and people analytics isn't a division of Perceptyx, it's our entire focus. You will have 24/7 access to a dedicated project team, committed to helping your company thrive.

An unrivaled technology platform

According to our clients, our reporting platform is the best in the industry. Our  analysis tools makes it easy for you to uncover the insights you are looking for.

Our consultants help you tell the data’s story

Let our Professional Services team take your reporting to another level by providing you with an invaluable executive results presentation.

We provide a tailor-made, flexible approach

We won’t force you into a box or specific model. Our entire system is built with flexibility in mind, so that you can customize the content, user experience, and functionality of your employee surveys and reporting.

Action planning that works for you

The Perceptyx platform was invented because we saw so many organizations measure employee feedback, gather data, and do little or nothing with it. We're here to help you take meaningful action so that your people can thrive.

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