Our History

Perceptyx began in 1997 shortly after the first practical web browser was becoming popular. Built from the ground up with proprietary technology, Perceptyx has been leading the way on improving employee engagement through the use of advanced technology. Today, Perceptyx, Inc. is a privately held California Corporation headquartered in Temecula, California.


Big Data and HR Analytics

As Perceptyx looks to the future of integrating employee survey responses to other sources of data, we are preparing to take advantage of Big Data approaches to HR analytics including various forms of workforce segmentation. By understanding the intricate relationships between employee attitudes and perceptions and many other forms of performance metrics for the organization, we will take linkage analysis to new levels for our clients.

2014 promises to be the most exciting year in our history. As we have added globally high-admired organizations we will continue to “push the envelope” when it comes to respecting, listening and acting on employee perceptions and needs.


ISO 27002 Certification

Perceptyx continued to lead the way in employee survey technology and completed our external audit for ISO 27002:2005. Numerous enhancements took place including Verisign integration for Domain Name Service Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and global IP managed failover along with robust Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection.

Perceptyx also increased application security for Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack vectors. Perceptyx also added new infrastructure management tools. This new approach is scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to communicate with them in seconds. With this capability Perceptyx can switch on an unlimited number of servers to handle even the largest possible data spikes that would normally cripple standard employee survey configurations.


Additional Server Infrastructure Added

With the addition of more server infrastructure and a formalized load testing process, Perceptyx further increased capacity while reducing access latency for all reporting. Now global organizations with 300,000 to 1,000,000 respondents can execute employee surveys all at once with real-time analytics.

With the addition of Single Sign on technology, survey respondents and managers across enterprise level organizations are able to more easily take the employee survey while managers gain better security and ease of access to interactive reporting. As our capacity was significantly increased, Perceptyx successfully completed SOC 2 TYPE II audit as SSAE 16 standards replaced SAS-70.


SAS-70 Type II

Perceptyx successfully completed an SAS70 Type II audit successfully with no exceptions. The Implementation of a new change management process enable Perceptyx to further provide industry leading support for our clients.

The Perceptyx technology infrastructure underwent the creation of cost-centered, lean, IT architecture the further scale our operations to keep our costs down for clients. With the Implementation an automated quality assurance and continuous integration capability, along with a new report-testing suite for our web framework we are able to ensure the highest levels of accuracy in reporting while reducing the cost normally associated with manual quality efforts.

Perceptyx also became successfully registered for EU Safe Harbor compliance to ensure that global clients can rely on appropriate levels of privacy for all employees world-wide.


New Customer Loyalty Program Deployed

With the deployment of a new approach to customer loyalty, Perceptyx enables more actionable results by engaging employees at the service-value exchange interface in the effort to improve service outcomes.

By understanding the expectations employees have of the customer experience, customers are surveyed less and employees are more involved in solving critical service and product issues.


Comprehensive IT policies improve security

In developing a comprehensive set of IT policies, Perceptyx was able to improve security and ensure data protection that exceeds industry standards.

Along with the improvement in security, reliability was enhanced with the deployment new data centers that are all geographically load balanced. In doing this, Perceptyx vastly increased the number of servers improving the load capacity to handle over 150 million survey responses per day with no impact on performance.


Platform Software Upgrade

New revision of software launched to increase reporting speed and extend access to thousands of simultaneous report users.

In order to provide real-time reporting of surveys for an organization with over 100,000 employees, organizations need to provide reporting to over 10,000 managers with simultaneous reporting access including unlimited segmentation tools.

In order to support the massive load when thousands of simultaneous users login to the reporting sites, the servers and the database must be extremely robust.

Now multiply that load by dozens of organizations with even greater support needs in any language. By upgrading the Perceptyx software code, the tools are now designed to handle multiples of these loads with ease.


Perceptyx Engagement Model Developed

By providing suggestions for improvement that includes the key drivers of engagement, organizations can leverage manager actions for increased engagement across the board.

By measuring the barriers to engagement rather than engagement "drivers" the survey serves to uncover the items that are getting in the way of an engaged workforce.

Building the drivers of engagement into the manager's recommendations for improvement enables manager's efforts to be more effective at improving engagement at all levels of the organization.


Real-Time Manager Toolkit Integration

By leveraging our technology, managers are able to download presentations for their area of responsibility within minutes of the survey completion.

In addition to having a comprehensive summary of results with specific results for every manager’s area of responsibility, the new Manager Toolkit includes a set of presentation slides ready to present the results back to employees. There is also a leader’s guide with page-by-page presenter notes including specific instructions on how to present the results of the survey.

The system enables fast, targeted results presentations to be created for as many managers as necessary. This means that manager specific results can be delivered to every manager in the organization with five or more employees the moment that the survey closes. Even different versions of the slides and guides can be configured so that each level of management has the right presentation tailored specifically for their use.


Action Planning Tools Integrated into Reports

The Perceptyx action planning tools were added as an integrated component of the real-time reporting platform.

Managers are now able to select improvement options for any items of concern and as part of the reporting functionality.

By including the Action Integration Module (AIM) into the reporting platform Perceptyx eliminates the need for taking additional steps prior to indicating specific actions that are being taken in response to survey results.

The significant reduction in time required to provide feedback and engage employees in the process is a discovered benefit.


Reporting For Over 150 Languages Added

In 2004 Perceptyx upgraded our language capabilities to collect data, report results, and present findings in over 150 languages.

Multinational and global organizations need to be able to listen to employees regardless of the language spoken. In 2004 Perceptyx upgraded our language capabilities to collect data, report results, and present findings in over 150 languages (all languages for which HTML support exists).

The reporting platform can also display results in over 150 languages regardless of which language respondents choose to take the survey. Managers can review survey results in their language of choice making the exploration and understanding of results faster and easier. This reduces the time to take action and gain benefit from performance improvements.


Perceptyx goes Private

Perceptyx was incorporated as a private California Corporation and all technology is redesigned for increased capacity and stability

Using the new Menu Framework application developed by Dave Belcher, Perceptyx is prepared to handle faster deployments with much larger loads.

The MenuFramework Application Constructor (MAC) is developed to enable the creation of applications with increased complexity and improved flexibility. The new MAC system enabled better support of new customers as Perceptyx begins servicing enterprise level clients with a big data approach.


StorageTek Integrates Talent Management with Employee Surveys

StorageTek utilizes first integration of Employee Survey, Performance Management 360, and Professional Skills Inventory.

Now part of Oracle, StorageTek was the first to fully integrate the use of a talent management and skills inventory system with performance 360’s and employee surveys. The integration was ahead of its time in that it brought issues from the employee survey to the manager level with a systems approach. Using manager strengths and a targeted learning and development approach, managers were more effective at solving issues that came out of the employee survey specific to each area of responsibility.

The skills inventory was able to provide succession planning, resource leveling, and created a community of practice across business unit lines that enabled new levels of collaboration in providing customer solutions using the companies data storage solutions.


Perceptyx Domain Name Registered

In 1998 our name was registered as perceptyx.com and our earliest online real-time surveys were launched.

The first deployment was to the employees of a software company in Folsom California. Many of the survey recipients were software engineers that put our system to the test.

The survey was deployed on a Monday morning and by Wednesday afternoon, the HR professionals were presenting the results to their executive team.

As we experienced the power of our first results presentation, which occurred in less than an hour of collecting data, we realized that the tool could be used to do more than just measure.


Cyber-Survey Launches

Perceptyx began with a straightforward approach to improving the process of how employee surveys were executed.

In 1995, “Cyber-Survey” began development and was launched in 1997 as one of the first web-native automated online survey tools in existence. Soon after its development, we realized that organizations needed more than just another online survey tool.

Today, Perceptyx has set a new standard for real-time data collection and reporting in part, because of advantages from the lessons learned in providing paper surveys and reports developed from this first system.


Web Survey Components Began Development

Our first survey software was developed with the use of a database where paper survey responses were manually entered so that an a gap report could be generated.

Once the reports were generated they were delivered to the managers of the employees at Guardian Industries’ Glass Plants. Soon after this first effort, we realized that our first database application could be more effective as an online application.

Over the next year, and with the partnership of Rhino Media, the first web survey tools were developed.


First Customer Service Surveys Deployed

Our first surveys were deployed for mortgage customers and were designed to assess the satisfaction with their experience with the loan process.

It was this early work in customer satisfaction that provided the opportunity to design a more actionable approach to customer loyalty.

We realized that most customer dissatisfaction is the result of different expectations between service providers and the customer. Since understanding the customer perception of service was only half of the answer, we also assessed what the mortgage company employees felt customer perceptions would be. This enabled employees to be more engaged in the process as they learned what customers said about their service levels.

Today, Perceptyx has set a new standard for real-time data collection and reporting in part, because of advantages from lessons learned in our early work on customer satisfaction programs.


First Automated Vote Tabulation

In 1962 the world saw the first automated election results and for the first time in history, ballots were not counted by hand. This technology was just the beginning.

Today we will know who the next president is before dinner on election day but for some reason we have to wait several weeks to find out about the results of an employee survey! Not anymore.

Our interest in automated data collection and tabulation began when working with the world's first automated vote tabulation. This picture was taken in 1962 of the first Vote Tally Systems being tested prior to shipment to Cincinatti Ohio where it was used in the Presidential Primary election of 1964.

Do more than just a survey:
Do more than just a survey: