Perceptyx Leadership Team

Perceptyx, Inc. is a unique company and requires the same in its leadership team. Each member draws upon unique and vital skills in a separate area of experience and specific expertise. It is this "symphony of skills" that has taken Perceptyx from just a great idea into a great company.

Dave Belcher


As Co-Founder and CEO of Perceptyx, Inc., Dave created the company's technology architecture and developed its unparalleled Web-based Menu-Framework Application Constructor (MAC). Dave initially programmed the Perceptyx "Meta Software Engine" that sits behind all of the automated technology solutions now powering Perceptyx solutions.

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Jack Morehouse

President and Chief Business Development Officer

As President, and Chief Business Development Officer, Inc., Jack is also a co-founder of Perceptyx and responsible for business development, product development, professional services and operations support. Jack is the author of the Perceptyx Engagement Philosophy and Methodology and was the driving force behind the founding of Perceptyx, Inc.

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John Borland

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer for Perceptyx, Inc, John is accountable for the daily operations of the company. John oversees performance measures for the delivery team, and plays an active role in setting the tone and direction of the business. John dedicates a significant portion of his time towards paving the way for future system enhancements to meet emerging client needs.

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Shawn O'Connor

Chief Technology Officer

Shawn is responsible for the entire infrastructure of the Perceptyx platform including overseeing the development, Information technology, and risk management teams. Shawn’s responsibilities include the entire set of solutions and security that enable the Perceptyx web application to meet the enterprise level demands placed upon it.

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