Dave Belcher


As Co-Founder and CEO of Perceptyx, Inc., Dave created the company's technology architecture and developed its unparalleled Web-based Menu-Framework Application Constructor (MAC). Dave initially programmed the Perceptyx "Meta Software Engine" that sits behind all of the automated technology solutions now powering Perceptyx solutions.

Dave is also the founder of Rhino Media Group an e-business solutions consulting, design and development firm whose clients included major U.S. corporations such as Avery-Dennison, Chiron Vision and Earthlink. He currently serves as Technical Director of Rhino Media.

Dave's background includes founding and/or serving in an executive capacity for a number of educational and manufacturing companies including Medutech, The Genesis Group and Shrader Chemical Company. Dave is a student of several languages and holds a Bachelor of Science from California State Polytechnic University and a Master's Degree from Biola University.

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