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Our approach enables every manager to Ask, Listen, Respond, Involve, and Solve issues that are preventing maximum engagement.

The Perceptyx Methodology

The Perceptyx technology platform is what makes our methodology possible. No other employee survey platform can claim to deliver such specific and actionable results so quickly… and so easily. Final reports are available on the day of the survey’s completion. Even earlier for your survey administration team.

The Perceptyx Methodology uses the employee survey itself as a vehicle for engaging people. Managers and employees engage in a dialogue around the issues that they think are important to the employee. Instead of collecting information, analyzing data, diagnosing statistics and prescribing solutions, and then generating various static reports, we take a different approach.

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Respond
  4. Involve
  5. Solve

By enabling managers to respond immediately to all employees with what they said instead of a message based on “statistics” that communicates: "here's what an analyst thinks you really said," we enable the executives and managers to prove to employees that they have listened to them. We still do the in-depth analysis and provide the key metrics and drivers. However, the advanced analysis informs and enables the managers to simply ask, listen, respond, involve, and solve.

Building on a platform of trust and respect made of honest two-way communication, employees are more likely to engage in solving the issues that are on their minds. Once employees start working collaboratively with managers, an immediate increase in engagement is automatic. With even modest engagement increases, performance is improved and your organization will have begun engaging employees instead of just measuring engagement.

And that's far from being all that Perceptyx can deliver in the way of advantages. The Perceptyx platform also allows for unlimited in-depth analysis of the data received through the survey. Although the list of ways that Perceptyx survey data can be filtered and configured is virtually endless, the online dynamic reports are intuitive and very simple to use.

Engagement Approach

We approach Engagement Surveys differently than the traditional employee survey. Measuring opinions about the workplace should result in an improvement of the workplace but to what end? Any employee survey should always provide a positive impact on business performance. Since employee engagement provides one of the greatest potential impacts on performance, then why do any survey if it does not influence an increase in employee engagement?

At Perceptyx, we believe:

  • Time matters. It may matter most!
  • Real-time reporting means more than just response rates.
  • We must do more than just measure.
  • Surveys must enable a "conversation" between managers and employees.
  • Every Manager must "do something" significant with the results.

Employee Engagement Surveys

The Perceptyx technology platform is what happens when you assign a team of engineers to the task of improving employee engagement! The realization that "Time is the next dimension of engagement" and that the real benefit of engagement surveys is a process that is in-itself, engaging. Organizations can no longer wait for engagement improvement until after the action planning has been completed. That could be next quarter and by then, it may be too late!

Today, information is available immediately. We will know who the next president is before we sit down to dinner on election day! But for some reason, we force employees to wait weeks or even months for the results of the employee survey! Well, not anymore.

When we ask people to wait without good reason, we communicate that we do not care. Yet the entire reason for conducting an employee survey is because we care about the opinions of employees!

"Actions speak louder than words." - English Proverb

Perceptyx enables an organization’s actions to communicate that they care! We provide customized presentation slides for every manager within the organization (with 5 or more employees), the day the survey is concluded. In addition to the slide presentation, we provide a custom written leader's guide with content rich analysis for the manager to follow when making the presentation.

There's more... In addition to "Slides and Guides", every manager has a unique, real-time access to online interactive reports that includes the findings of employee opinions for the group of people in that manager's area of responsibility. Last, but not least, we provide rich best practices recommendations for improvement for every manager based on the issues uncovered in each group... and since many of our customers are global, we provide this reporting in any language.

Employee Engagement Consulting

As a catalyst promotes a desired outcome at a point before it would naturally occur, Perceptyx Engagement Consulting enables an improvement in organizational engagement levels before it is expected. With a clear focus on added value, our consulting process supports outcome-based efforts designed to reduce the dependence on external resources and increase internal competence.

Understanding Employee Engagement:

  • What is most effective at improving Employee Engagement?
  • How do high performing organizations approach Employee Engagement?
  • Which Employee Engagement Strategy will work best for your organization?

Engagement is related to performance, but increased employee performance from engagement is not automatic. The survey should be designed to be actionable and aligned with strategic business intent. Many organizations ask; "how do we measure engagement?" The real question is not do you have a specific measure of employee engagement, but is your organization measuring, managing and eliminating the barriers to engagement or is that left to chance and other factors?

So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work. - Peter F. Drucker

While "Automating the wrong things" is a terrible waste, when it comes to providing managers with additional and helpful resources for doing more with less, we have taken advantage of the "right" automation. While most organizations cannot afford to provide every manager their own personal engagement coach, that does not mean that managers would not benefit from the best-in-class insights gained from years of engagement coaching.

While nothing can replace one-on-one coaching, we have provided the next best thing.... Perceptyx Actionable Insights™ provides managers with questions to consider, possible action steps and additional resources for finding the right answer... and action. Built into every employee survey we provide, Actionable insights™ enables managers at every level to take measured, effective actions to improve the workplace and improve performance!

Do more than just a survey:
Do more than just a survey: